Why Are You Still a Slave?

I have now read and been to more than 300 seminars on many different topics. I did however notice that none of the wealth material available spoke directly about how this social game is geared to keep people working. That is why it is so hard to escape the maze of middle class, it is meant to be hard while ever you play the game by the rules intended for the masses. Wealth people play by different rules and until you learn those rules, you can not win at the wealth game. Most books are written for poor people and although they tell poor people to start playing on a different field like property or shares, they do not tell them how we add the point of the game up. My experience is that money works in a vastly different way to what the average person thinks and this process is far more limiting for success than knowing the tools to use or the game to play. Knowing the rules to the game will not help you win if you do not know how the points work and money is the points of all wealth creation games. So my book will help you see how money itself is the system you need to understand and with this understanding money will be your slave.

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