Vlad the Impaler: A Captivating Guide to How Vlad III Dracula Became One of the Most Crucial Rulers of Wallachia and His Impact on the History of Romania

The Balkans were the home of both the vampiric stories and a monarch, whose name became synonymous with drinking blood and avoiding sunlight. That monarch was Vlad, the third ruler of Wallachia to hold that name, the second ruler to be associated with the Order of the Dragon, and the first ruler to be associated with a gruesome act, that of impalement.

The bulk of the book will deal with what Vlad’s political career looked like, what wars he waged, and how his life eventually ended. But we’ll go one step beyond and cover some areas that historians don’t typically focus on. In addition to raw facts, we’ll also focus on what Vlad III’s character was, what drove him forward, and what his chief traits might have been. In addition, we will give a much-needed focus on his successors and what life was like in Wallachia after his passing. So, if you want to learn more about Vlad the Impaler, get this book now!

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