TRUMPING THE TRUMPISTS – Everything you need to know about the trumpist mind and how to trump it!

TRUMPING THE TRUMPISTS takes you an a truly, madly, deeply biased ride across the Trumpverse in 5 self-contained chapters (paperback: 358 pages) filled with academic findings, indisputable facts, objective evaluations, fun thought-experiments, and some pretty darn good advice in the art of verbal duelling.
Pick up your personal quiver filled with pinpoint rhetorical, psychological, and factual arrows for the upcoming crunch mode in the fight for no less than America’s heart, soul, and future.

TRUMPING THE TRUMPISTS, that’s 5 books in 1, all ready for you to peruse, study and use for your own debate-strategies and argumentations, written in an intelligble yet facts-based, lighthearted yet to-the-point style.

Learn all about the different cognitive dissonance-processes used by Trumpists to blank out reality, about the surprising propaganda-tools of the Trumpinistration and about the devious nature of Authoritarianism. Find out how to become a true Trumpman and discover the real meanings of today’s ubiquitous cusswords from the right and the left. Take an enlightening look behind the masks of narcissists and other human predators, and enroll in Arthur Schopenhauer’s Secret School of Verbal Combat.

All in all, TTT will prepare you well for your next political debate with your MAGA-hat wearing neighbor, colleague, team- or family-member, allowing you to remain on firm argumentative ground while ripping your MAGA-opponent’s arguments apart bit by delightful bit.

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