The Mighty Roman Baseball Blast

Set in the indie “Cal–Hairy League,” The Mighty Roman Baseball Blast is a fast, funny, thought–provoking novel about baseball and the modern American man. The story centers on the love-hate relationship between old-school minor-league manager Roman Meister, a macho manchild appalled by the changes in contemporary America, and team captain Rex Hirsch, a free-spirit who flows easily among his multicultural teammates—and challenges Roman when push comes to shove.

What they’re saying …

“With this full count, bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth with two outs novel, Sindell gives us much more than a compelling chronicle of a season with a California minor league team—he also offers a witty, lyric look at what it means to be an American in this multicultural era. You will enjoy the excellent play-by-play but more importantly, you will love the players. Swing away, Jon Sindell, you’re in a league of your own.”

~ Christopher Bundy, author of Baby, You’re A Rich Man

“Sindell takes us on a lyrical and at times fearful ride with a team of wannabe baseball players, whose talents only occasionally match their ambitions. This is a real-life novel, packed with personalities and filled with beautiful language and true emotion. Huck’s raft becomes a team bus, and it is a ride worth taking.”

~ Tony Press, author and reviewer, in riverbabble

99 Cent Bargain eBook from October 21 – November 1, 2019