The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer’s Disease: How Insulin Resistance in Type 2 Diabetes and “Type 3 Diabetes” Triggers Your Risk for Alzheimer’s and How You Can Protect Your Brain

Alzheimer’s is a growing epidemic —no one wants to get it and the thought of living with it conjures up helpless and foreboding feelings With over 5 million people diagnosed there is an epidemic. While drug trials are struggling to provide meaningful interventions there is hope! The solution is based on early detection and intervention. Scientists are showing that prevention is possible— the key lies in a comprehensive evaluation of your risk for Alzheimer’s long before its onset. Don’t wait to be diagnosed! “The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer’s Disease” reveals the most critical and common risk factors for Alzheimer’s and shows you how to take control. Read this book for the actionable steps that you can take now to save your brain!

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