The Big Gamble (The Lucky Lady Casino Short Stories Book 1)

He’s a lonely single dad who frequents the casino to escape his dreary life. She’s a full-time caregiver for her beloved mother and seeks a night of respite at a gaming house. In “The Big Gamble,” Jane Remington and John Murphy meet one Friday night while playing slot machines. At first, they don’t share personal information and know each other as Jane Doe and John Doe. Then they get close. But can a guy with too much responsibility as it is, and a woman who has already given up her freedom for another, find happiness together at The Lucky Lady Casino? Find out in Kathryn Shay’s poignant short story which takes place in this unusual setting. Don’t miss all The Lucky Lady Casino Short Stories: The Big Gamble, Bet On It, Lucky Me, All In Jackpot, The Winning Ticket (brand new book)

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