THE 10 AMAZING STEPS TO SUCCESS! How to achieve your goals and live happily.

What do you want to achieve in your life? Which is your biggest limitation? What is stopping your happiness? Do you know your talents? What does success mean to you? It doesn’t matter who you are: you could be a student, a manager, a parent, self-employed, a pensioner or a job seeker, because if you are ready to sacrifice what you are to become what you want ‘The ten amazing steps to success’ is your book! You will learn, in a unique practical way, how to achieve your goals step by step with more than 80 workouts! With only 10 steps: You can identify your strengths, skills and talents, and the barrier to your success, you find motivation, and you can create your action plan to allow you to take the road to success. Only ten chapters separate your dream from reality!

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