Tales from the Viking Age: Captivating Legendary and Historical Sagas

As the name suggests, the legendary sagas are works of fiction. It is in these sagas that we meet all manner of fantastic creatures, read of the exploits of heroes and villains, and occasionally see the gods peek in to steer events or punish evildoers. The sagas of Icelanders, by contrast, are largely historical works that tell the stories of the families who left continental Scandinavian lands to settle Iceland beginning in the late ninth century. However, these historical sagas are not entirely untouched by the fantastic, since they also occasionally contain episodes that involve magic or the supernatural. Within this book, you’ll find the following Viking Sagas covered: The Saga of King Heidrek the Wise, Selections from The Saga of Örvar-Oddr and The Voyages to Vinland

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