Sapphire: A Murder for Your Thoughts (Josh Decker Novel Book 1)

Josh Decker is a former police detective who prefers to battle his inner demons alone in the seclusion of his cottage near Lake Michigan. But when an unexpected visitor and a dead body show up in his quiet town, Josh can’t ignore his detective instincts. As he pursues justice for a young woman, he is inadvertently drawn into a conspiracy spanning the globe. Along the way he meets a gorgeous femme fatale, reunites with old colleagues, and encounters a doctor intent on subverting death itself. Masquerading as a thriller, Sapphire is a character driven story about the human search for power, be it over death, over others, or over oneself.

“Sapphire: A Murder for Your Thoughts (Josh Decker Novel Book 1)” by Paul Jannereth only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle from April 4 – 10