Infertility – Beating the odds and doctors: Infertility memoirs and the path to an Infertility cure

It is the last thing that any couple wants to hear when they are hoping to start a family: Infertility. From countless doctors’ recommendations and tests, to the emotional roller-coaster of hoping for good news, while friends and family have no trouble conceiving, comes the story of the Johnson family and how they found a natural, successful path to parenthood.

David Jeff Johnson’s book, Infertility: Beating the Odds and Doctors, follows the real life experiences and struggles of David and his wife Traci as they embark on the difficult journey of trying to start a family when modern doctors and medicine tell them that pregnancy and parenthood isn’t an option for them. A story full of courage, determination, and hope, David documents their path as they move through the stages of their relationship from preventing pregnancy to saying “yes” to beginning a family, to the disappointment and frustration of being unable to get pregnant to, finally, discovering that there is better and more natural way for them. After much research, the Johnsons created their own plan that included pursuing a healthier lifestyle, dedicated self-care, and alternative medicine like acupuncture.

Resulting in exceptional success – three beautiful girls – Infertility is a heartwarming story about the power of hope, determination, and love.

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