From Prom Queen to Hijabi: My Journey to Faith on a Road Less Traveled

How does a typical American girl from Boston go from being “Prom Queen” and captain of two varsity sports teams to an orthodox Muslim covered from head to toe? Read about the “road less traveled” that one girl took as she stopped at nothing to be true to herself. Follow the author as she takes the reader along on her travels, searching for God in an effort to remove herself from the depths of existential confusion. With serendipitous events around every corner, her life so seemingly free-spirited and without direction turns out to be divinely designed and perfectly sequential. The reader accompanies the author through her studies of languages, cultures, art and design, Italian studies, holistic medicine, Ayurveda, and religions and spirituality, as she goes from searching for her purpose inside books and university degrees to actually finding it much closer to home. A profound and sincere desire to know God brings her to finally find: the answers she was searching for, peace in her soul, and even her soulmate, in the most unexpected of places!

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