FAT: Five lies the Fat Acceptance Movement Encourages VS. The reality that saved my health physically and mentally

‘There’s nothing wrong with an argument ending in bruises, there’s nothing wrong with having vodka first thing in the morning, and there’s nothing wrong with using needles that you find in the garbage’. Amazing how endorsing these statements of addiction would shock, disturb and disgust if alcoholics, physical abusers and drug addicts decided to endorse the very things that have resulted in the deaths of millions, while we stood by and did nothing. Yet we have allowed one group to do just that without while anyones who questions or opposes them is labelled as a bully, villain or a bigot. One group that has come in and has influenced millions of people to embrace their food addiction and has resulted in millions ignorantly allowing themselves to self harm in the name of ‘loving themselves’-the FAT ACCEPTANCE MOVEMENT.

In this book, I’ll reveal how I faced the reality of my health, removed my identity from my weight and changed my health and my life…

Ill be talking about my moment of truth
Incorporating exercise without spending a dime on a gym membership
Addressing ‘diet culture’
Potential side effects of Intuitive eating
Ignoring instagram methods and getting back to basics
Asking if we can really be healthy at every size?
And removing your identity from your weight
Along with a whole lot more!

99 Cent Bargain eBook from October 14 – 19, 2019