Dawn of Adventure (Book 1): Origins: The Dungeon Master’s Quests: Journey into Glory (A LitRPG Series)

The Dungeon Master’s Quests: Journey into Glory (A LitRPG Series) Book 1 When apprentice adventurer Ceres discovers his physical and mental attributes are far above normal for someone his age, he suspects there must be a reason. Despite his inability to discern the forces at work in his life, he manages to recruit companions also searching for a way to make their mark in the world. Their colorful personalities are a challenge for the young leader, but his vision still inspires them to follow where he leads, for now. It isn’t until later Ceres discovers he commands the powers of a Dungeon Master, and can establish his own shadowy domain beneath the sunlit land of mortals. Yet despite his new skills, all is not well. Ceres’ exploration of the dark places have attracted the attention of formidable and lethal adversaries, and they covet the young adventurer’s growing lair. Ceres knows he is overmatched, but he also knows there are greater powers to be had if he and his fellow adventurers can reach a high-enough level. Now, with hideous monsters pouring out of the very walls, and dark forces gathering strength in the inky pits below, Ceres and his rag-tag band of low-level companions must find a way to defend their claim to future greatness before he can truly claim the title of Dungeon Master. Author’s Note 22 Aug 2019 The version of the book has been updated after additional proof-reading.

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