Bust Your Fears: A personal guide to making smarter decisions faster

Do you have a difficult decision to make or a conversation you’re dreading to have? Is there a dilemma that’s keeping you up at night? This short book gets down to the essentials to show how you can reel in your anxieties and tackle the difficult decisions you’re facing in life right now. Discover three simple tools you can apply within minutes to boost your self-confidence and help you make solid choices with calm and clarity. Get the AUDIO downloads for this book. Link in the back of book. In this book, you’ll learn: The five aspects of fear and how you can use fear to your advantage. The four essential mindset shifts you need to make to overcome fear. Three easy-to-use tools you can apply to help you make better decisions faster. If you’d like shortcuts to fear-busting techniques from a down-to-earth author who has been exactly where you are, you’ll enjoy this book. Pick up The Fear Buster today to conquer your paralyzing worries and take action.

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