Brother of the Witch

Her choice will change everything . . .

Magic, college basketball, and family. Those are the only things half-witch, Leonardo Bloodworth, cares about. After a disastrous relationship almost ruined his dream of playing for the same team as his late father, he has no room in his life for women or romance. He focuses on his future and tries to forget the past.

Sarafin Cooper hates witches. They murdered her sister and tore her family apart. The only thing that makes her life bearable is her membership in The Order, a secret society of witch hunters. Once initiated, she will get the justice her sister deserves and the revenge that will reunite her broken family.

But Leo cannot escape the past and Sara cannot hide from her ignorance . . . or the effects of the Bloodworth family curse. A fated meeting shakes their beliefs and forges their romantic bond. When Sara stumbles upon a devastating connection between them, she must make a decision: betray her family and The Order or save Leo from the deadly ambush that has been set for him.

In an epic showdown between the forces of good and deceit, the true meaning of power, forgiveness, and love will be revealed.

“Brother of the Witch” by Leigh Hatchmann only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle from April 12 – May 12, 2020