Acting Out Yoga Presents: Harvir in the Amazon

The Acting Out Yoga Series was born out of a need to find creative ways to engage young yoga students in class. Each book provides lesson plans for teachers to guide children through a “fantastical” fairy tale story while facilitating their ability to quickly learn asanas (poses). Thanks to the talents of artist Jessica Lynn Clark, these watercolor illustrations also provide the perfect backdrop in art galleries, where students can – literally – walk through the exhibit and act out the images found within each painting.

The stories are designed to teach kids about art and culture in different parts of the world, and a portion of the sales from each edition will be donated to a children’s charity related to that country. For example, the first book in the series, Harvir in the Amazon, is dedicated to Angels of the Amazon, a non-profit organization that provides much-needed school supplies and medical care to young children in the Amazon Jungle.

Synopsis of Book #1 – Harvir in the Amazon: Harvir must rescue the famous dancer, Elsa, after she is snatched from her village by an evil dragon. Enlisting the help of the medicine woman, along with some surprising jungle creatures, Harvir embarks on a journey that takes him deep into the Amazon rain forest. (Ages 4-7)

99 Cent Bargain Book from January 17 – 21, 2020