A Ghost for a Clue (IMMORTOLOGY, Book 1)

A NASA engineer hopes to save a soul—by pressing Ctrl+S.

A mathematician. A robotics engineer. An aspiring astronaut. Bram Morrison is all of these. What he can’t imagine he’ll ever be is someone trying to figure out the physics of a ghost.
Until suddenly, a workmate dies.

Soon after, Bram’s botanist friend, Torula, claims that her lab equipment has gathered data proving her greenhouse is haunted. She suspects it has something to do with his recently deceased friend. Now, she plans to extend her study of life into the afterlife.

Bram tries to stop her from exploring this fringe science but instead ends up embroiled in the baffling experiments she’s conducting on the sly. In a twist of circumstances, Bram’s career and reputation are put on the line and is forced to use real science to prove that ghosts are real.

99 Cent Bargain Book from March 30 – April 5, 2020