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Giveaway Submission

Momma’s Giveaways

We are accepting giveaway submissions all month long! We are planning a back to school blitz and will be doing weekly drawings rather than monthly! We are also hoping to do some hard copy giveaways as folks get very excited about hard copies!

If you are doing a digital giveaway, please be prepared to send an epub/mobi/pdf of your book prior to the giveaway.

When is the best time to do a giveaway?

Of course anytime is a good time for a giveaway, but if you are trying to target your timing we suggest doing a giveaway with Momma a month before and a month after your next book is released. That way it gives us a chance to introduce you to some new readers right before your buzz gets going.

We are accepting digital copies, book stubs, hard copies, gift certificates and whatever else you think would draw the attention of readers. We are accepting giveaways from authors, publishers, publicists and anyone who has the authority to offer a giveaway for the author. It is the responsibility of the “giver” to send the prizes to Momma Says Read or directly to the winner. If you send the prizes to Momma Says Read, we accept the responsibility of delivering the respective prizes to the winner.

What You Get for participating in the monthly giveaways

  • You get the chance to grow your readership by having your giveaway matched with a reader
  • Discounted advertising on Momma Says Read
  • Participation in the monthly Kindle giveaway (Coming Soon)
  • Helping Momma keep the readers coming to the site to learn about your work
  • Your book listed on the giveaway page
  • That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you do something awesome!

If you would like to participate in the giveaway please fill out the form below.

*We can not accept non fiction, religious, or offensive content for giveaways. We are now accepting erotica for giveaways, however they will be listed separately under an erotica subset and not on the main page. This is to keep the main page family friendly. Momma reserves the right to reject any book submitted for any reason.

Book Giveaway Submissions

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