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Win a Paperback of Vacations With Buster by London Lake Pickett

“Vacations with Buster” is the second book in a series about guide dogs and blindness. London Lake Pickett shares experiences she has had with her guide dog named Buster. Although it is a children’s book, the story will entertain and educate all readers. a Rafflecopter giveawayRead More

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Latest Book Reviews

Fallen Angel - Review

Momma had a bit of a hard time reading this one. The plot and flow to this story was good. I ran into quite a few errors but that wasn’t to bad. I really think this would benefit as a comic or a graphic novel. It has exactly the right qualities for one. You have […]Read More

End To End: Four Fairy Tales - Review

In this book you will find a collection of short stories. Four very different unique stories Some where very familiar yet the adaption makes them new. I wish some of the stories were just a bit longer. They would have given you more time to connect with the characters. Momma says pick this quick read […]Read More


Dead Planet is an excellent scifi story. The book was well written and flew by quickly. I kept getting mad at theSyndicate ugh these characters drove me crazy. I loved this author’s discriptive writting style. You were given the key to let your imagination run wild. What Does Momma H Think? Momma H givesExodus (Dead […]Read More


This book is well written and grabbed my attention right away . It was fun and exciting but I felt like I have read this story line before. What really saved this book for me was that the characters and the last chapter. Tori felt so real to me not a prima donna she was […]Read More

Dream Student (Dream Series, Book 1) - Review

I had a little bit of a hard time getting into this book The Dream’s confused me at first but everything so we started to make sense this story has three plots in one book I like the plot of the killer story line best it the book focus a little bit more on that […]Read More

Dynasty O'Shea (The Throne of Gammalon (The Full Set)) - Review

This book is dynamic the world are intriguing and fantastic I was wowed by the creativity of the characters and a gripping storyline I don’t want to go into too much detail and spoil it for people, but it’s quirky witty dialogue will keep chance What Does Momma H Think? Momma H gives Dynasty O’Shea […]Read More

Flight by Lindsay Leggett - Review

Momma really like this book paranormal meets dystopian at its best. I was so intrigued with the characters and how unique they were. The author did such an amazing job at making this book feel so real. Inside this story you will dive deep into a multi-layered world, full of powerful characters and a thrilling […]Read More

Cruiser (Cruiser & Lex, Book 1) by Dee J. Stone - Review

I enjoyed this book a lot. Even though it is a y.a. novel I found myself engrossed in it. It is a light read and flew by quickly. The book is told in a dual point of view. Each one has a unique perspective. Both sides of the story give you such a great feel […]Read More

Bonnie's Story - A Blonde's Guide to Mathematics - Review

Starts out kinda confusing but quickly turns around. This story is a combo of scifi, romance, humorous, and it’s quirky. I’ve never read anything quite like this before. I have a huge love for “The Big Bang Theory ” and in this story you also get the beautiful Blondel who hangs out with “nerds”. This […]Read More

Defender of the Flame - Review

This is the last book in the Defender of the Flame Trilogy. I really liked that the author gives you the back story to catch you up. The main character Terry is strongly developed and has a great dimension to him. The story has a good flow. This one makes you think. Actually sit back and think […]Read More

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Latest Author Interviews

Interview with Lynne Constantine

I have the pleasure of hosting Lynne Constantine on Blog Tour! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! M: What is the working title of your book? LC: Circle Dance M: Where did the idea come from for your book? LC: My sister and I have always enjoyed reading books about families […]Read More

The Birr Elixir (The Legend of the Gamesment) (Volume 1) by Jo Sparkes - Interview

M: After having read The Birr Elixir I’m thoroughly impressed. This can’t be your “first time at the rodeo.” Have you written any other fiction? JS: Oooh – thank you. This is indeed my first published fiction book. M: If yes where can we get, because you’ve made a fan of me. If no, have […]Read More

Interview with Anne Marie Stoddard

I’ve recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Anne Marie Stoddard at a wonderful Italian restaurant! We talked about everything under the sun including her MUST read Cozy Mystery Murder at Castle Rock! M: I know that you were inspired by some of your teachers, can you tell us what about those teachers really […]Read More

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Latest Author Reviews

Momma's Favorite Mommas

In the spirit of Mother’s Day I wanted to talk about some of Momma’s Favorite Mommas who are also authors! These ladies write books that I love to read. I have had the chance to talk with a few of them and I have to say that they are so genuinely sweet! They really are […]Read More

Patrick Rothfuss Author Review

Patrick Rothfuss, the author of The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man’s Fear and another little known book The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle, is a quirky witty fellow with a big heart. Rothfuss’ writing style is one that should be revered; he has found the sweet spot in the middle of […]Read More

Sarra Cannon Author Review

Sarra Cannon is the author of The Peachville High Demon Series. Momma loves Harper & Jackson with their crazy dynamic that takes a very interesting turn! If you are into Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult books Momma Says “READ this series”. With Cannon’s gripping writing style you feel completely immersed in Harper Madison’s world. […]Read More

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